Somita Basak

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Somita Basak should be calm, peaceful and serene according to my mother tongue Bengali. However many people including my mum describe me as naturally exuberant, impulsive and full of energy. I love to talk and it can be hard to make me take a breath at times. Breath is something that Yoga has allowed me to focus on and bring into my everyday life which has been amazingly helpful to me.

I started dancing at about age 5 it became my release and sanctuary from a crazy life. My dance teacher Kiran Ratna taught me how to be strong and self sufficient and gave me the courage and conviction to pursue dance. Immersing myself in movement, music and drama helped me cope with the real drama that is life. It gave me a focus in my life when I most needed it.

My first memory of doing yoga was copying my Dad as he did a shoulder stand into plough in the bedroom before going to bed, I was less than 5 years old. Once establishing strength on the yoga mat, with the help and inspiration of my teachers, my body and mind changed, became focused. It felt divine. I had arrived.

My first love dance and yoga compliment each other and I have practised both simultaneously through out my life. Dance has taught me the power of determination and dedication. Yoga has taught me acceptance and how to learn to love myself. Dance and Yoga have taught me to be strong, gentle, and how to realise my maximum potential.

Life is a beautiful journey of learning through experience about the world around us, the people surrounding us, and most importantly the true self within us. Every time I teach I learn something new. I feel I have finally found my direction in life. I know why I am on this earth, and it excites me to help even one person to find their soul and their purpose through dance and yoga. That could be you…

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